Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Debra Richardson has organized a Food For Thought film series this Spring that includes great foodie films such as: What's On Your Plate? King Corn, Our Daily Bread and The Future of Food. Shown in public places all over Utica, these films are pushing local residents to think about what and how they eat. The last two films are being shown tonight and tomorrow night at The Dunham Public Library and Utica College, respectively.
The first film, What's On Your Plate is a film about kids getting involved in their local food movement. Through the rest of the school year, our big plan is to get this movie shown in elementary schools and to parents. At MLK elementary it is amazing how much the kids already know about food, diabetes and nutrition. However, it is also amazing how little their parents know. Therefore, we must educate parents in order to get them angry enough to start demanding and cooking better food for their children.
Here is the trailer for What's On Your Plate:

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